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The Coalition for a Royal Commission into Immigration Detention was established in January 2023. It is made up of organisations, professional groups and individuals – see letter to Prime Minister -  who believe it is time to shine a light into the darkness of Australia’s detention regime.

We believe all Australians have a right to know what is being done in our name, with our taxes, under the guise of national security. We remember another Australia; one that led the world in our treatment of those who came to us looking for protection. We remember a capable, smart and compassionate Australia. We know the journey back to that decent and confident country begins by telling the truth about what has been done in our name to young workers and asylum seekers. That begins with a Royal Commission


- Justice and Peace Office

- Josephite Justice Network

- House of Welcome

- Brigidine Asylum seekers project 

- Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

- Rural Australians for Refugees 

- Asylum Seekers Resource Centre 

- Romero Centre 



- Soroptimist International 

- Challenging Racism Project 

- Refugee Action Coalition 

- Our Lady of Dolours 

- Rural Australians for Refugees Hamilton 

- Academics for Refugees 

- Grandmothers for Refugees 

- Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group 

- Teachers for Refugees

- SI Around the Bay 

- People Just Like Us

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