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Australia signs deal with Nauru to keep asylum seeker detention centre open indefinitely


Two refugees take the Australian government to court, arguing that their detention offshore was fundamentally illegal because they were children at the time. Then-immigration minister Scott Morrison “broke the law” when he put children into offshore detention systems.



Albanese Retains Dutton’s Righthand-Man Mike Pezzullo as Home Affairs Boss


Prime minister Anthony Albanese’s 22 June decision to keep

controversial senior public servant Mike Pezzullo on as home

affairs secretary.

The man Peter Dutton tried to ban has arrived in Australia


In 2019, Peter Dutton insisted Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani will never step foot in Australia, even if he was granted asylum in New Zealand. After spending 6 years of detention in Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani arrived in Australia. 


Scott Morrison instructed Border Force to reveal election day asylum boat arrival - ABC News

One of Scott Morrison's final acts as Prime Minister was to instruct the Australian Border Force (ABF) to publicise an interception of a suspected asylum seeker boat on election day



Top public servant apologises for ‘significant’ error in Australia’s offshore immigration processing

Home Affairs Secretary, Mike Pezzullo, apologised for a “regrettable” and “significant” lapse that meant Nauru was not approved for Australia’s offshore immigration processing for a period of four months—a significant error made by top public servant in Australia's offshore immigration processing system. Pezzullo issued an apology for the mistake, which led to concerns about the integrity and fairness of the immigration process. The error is described as a serious oversight, and there are calls for accountability and transparency in addressing the issue. 


Millions of dollars in detention money went to Pacific politicians


Australia’s Home Affairs Department oversaw the payment of millions of taxpayer dollars to powerful Pacific Island politicians through a chain of suspect contracts as it sought to maintain controversial offshore asylum seeker processing centres. 


Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil says Liberal predecessor Peter Dutton starved immigration system - ABC News


Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil has accused her Liberal predecessor, now Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, of "starving" the immigration system of resources and allowing criminal syndicates to exploit weaknesses.

Dutton's debacle: How the faux-tough immigration cops lost control of our borders


Peter Dutton presided over a department that enabled organised crime, sex traffickers and illegal immigrants to treat our borders as porous. 


Home Affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo sacked 

Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo has been fired from his role over covert dealings with lobbyists and secret efforts to gain and exert political influence during the terms of the Turnbull and Morrison governments, the first time a department head has been dismissed for misconduct.


Stephanie Foster to clean up after Pezzullo as new head of Home Affairs 


Prime minister Anthony Albanese moved quickly to backfill the role amid growing controversy over the High Court’s decision to render indefinite immigration detention unlawful.


Sovereign Borders wasted and mismanaged millions, claims senior official


Home Affairs assistant secretary Derek Elias voiced grave moral and integrity concerns about the waste and mismanagement of millions of taxpayer money.


'Don't ask, don't tell' culture fostered in Home Affairs Department - ABC listen 


Minister for Home Affairs, Clare O'Neil speaking on Radio National on the 'don't Ask, Don't Tell' culture fostered in Home Affairs Department

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